Action! Group Operations

In an Action! Group, leadership, work, refinement, and execution all fit together.  The presence of these four ingredients brings results.  And that’s what you’ve been wanting all along.

chainEach Action! Group is managed by a Practice in Action! executive, with each executive operating a maximum of five groups.  Each group meets weekly with specific tasks according to the Practice in Action! topic cycle.

To foster shared leadership accountability, Practice in Action! rotates each meeting among the ten members.  Each session leader is guided by a leadership package that directs the discussion and drives toward the meeting’s objective.  The Practice in Action! executive coaches the process, records each session, answers questions, ensures consistent quality, tracks results, compiles insights, and distributes meeting reviews.

Following each weekly session, the Practice in Action! executive surveys the group’s members and identifies aspects requiring additional coaching as well as leading all members to an effective quality standard.

Once each member has effectively completed the first draft of the topic’s worksheets and exercises, they are uploaded to the Action Group’s private work area on the Practice in Action! website.  Here, each member does a peer review of the other nine member’s work and the peer review inputs are then incorporated into the member’s final draft.

The Action! Group closes the topic’s execution loop in the final sequence by confirming that each member has implemented the topic.

With knowledge of each member’s topic execution, post execution updates are readily at hand.  The Practice in Action! executive compiles and publishes the most effective approaches so each Action! Group benefits in a truly shared learning environment.

A Complete Logistics package

Each Action! Groups functions with a complete logistics package:

  • A private group section on the Practice in Action! website for chatting, uploading documents, tracking progress, and sharing ideas.  Think of this as your group’s conference room.  (Click to visit a sample Action! Group site)
  • Video conferencing to bring a more personal dimension than phone conference calls.
  • The leader rotation is guided by the Practice in Action! executive along with a complete leadership package.