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We all learn in layers; first the concept and then the details.  Action! Groups are like a potter’s hands that shape a lump of clay to the specific contours for the intended purpose.  When your Action! Group peers review your work and give you direction, you get real-world insights that shape important  concepts into a molded result.

3d illustration of a group of black  end gold chainAccountability groups have a long-standing history for producing results among those that would otherwise be disconnected. They are found in businesses, non-profits, sports, schools, self-help organizations, and global cooperatives. Alcoholics Anonymous has used accountability groups since its inception and captures one core benefit in the first of its twelve traditions: “Our common welfare should come first.” Your Action! Group peers do not directly compete with you but are in the same business (i.e. serving financial and wealth management clients). In this team environment, your group develops common bonds and assists each member in pushing for your business’ improved performance. Similarly, Weight Watchers uses accountability groups as a core strategy and reports that “people who attend meetings lose three times more weight than those who go it alone.” As Action! Group participants succeed, you are spurred on to keep pace and realize your own potential.  (For a review of the success such groups have in the advisory market, see the InvestmentNews article:  “RIA alliances help independent advisers prosper.”)

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