Survey Results

To avoid “ivory tower” thinking, we survey each Practice in Action! participant topic by topic to ensure that we meet your on-the-ground business realities.  The results show we hit it square.

Success in Distance learning

The acceptance of distance learning has arisen because technical advancements such as video meetings, combined with effective teaching techniques, effectively mimic the physical classroom. Nonetheless, a topic’s value, whether delivered in a physical or virtual environment, comes down to two simple measures:

  • Is it useful?
  • Can it be applied?


The results of the Practice in Action! topic-by-topic surveys demonstrate that our content delivers value and quality in the actual learning session. But the companion Action! Group structure ensures that what was learned gets executed . . . and, with execution, results arrive.

You expect business coaching to improve your business’ performance. When we ask each participant to rate the topic’s “business value” (the first row in the table), we connect expectations with application. The evidence is clear: topic by topic, Practice in Action! brings you profitable learning.

How each topic is taught is important, but the real test is the business value each topic delivers.