The Decision

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A truism exists in your dual role of specialist and business leader: your ability to exercise your passion is dependent on the success of your business.

Recognizing this dependency alters your orientation. “To pursue my specialty—my life’s passion—requires me to first build a sustainable, thriving business.” How do you advance your business skills to meet this business-before-specialty dependency? Business coaching.

Just like your investment of time, attention, and money pursuing advanced knowledge in your specialty, a business coach advances your expertise in planning, marketing, sales, and management. Your current approach of on-the-job training forces you to work sequentially without a system, to experiment and to fail . . . in a series of right and left turns.

There’s a penny-wise, pound-foolish element to going it alone. You can spend years searching for your own path through trial and error while your business underperforms along the way. There is a real cost to this process both in money and time. Indeed, without a sufficient revenue trajectory, your runway may end before your business takes off. How do you practice your specialty then?

Business coaching brings to a leader or manager integrated systems, proven methodologies, and deliverable results. You make an investment in business coaching for the same reason you invested in an education for your specialty: you compress time; you learn systematically; results come more quickly; you are ready now and not later.

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