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You have a passion about giving clients advice to solve their financial and wealth management needs, anxieties and aspirations.

A person with a passion doesn’t need motivation to learn, to improve, or to excel. In your pursuit of excellence, you’ve asked questions of others more expert than you, read books and articles, and researched methodologies. These resources have coached you to a higher level of expertise.

So it is with experts in other fields. Major league pitchers have pitching coaches to refine mechanics. Opera singers have voice coaches to improve voice quality. Scientists have laboratories to learn through experimentation.

Unlike a major league pitcher, an opera singer, and a scientist, you are also a leader charged with managing the business that delivers your client-based solutions. You are called to be both an expert in your specialty and an expert in running a business.

This dual role would be like the opera singer having to manage the opera company or the pitcher having to lead the baseball club.

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