AUM Justification

What’s the new AUM you need to breakeven on Practice in Action!’s cost?  $600,000.

Justifying Your Decision

Every day, you guide your clients to make upfront investments in order to make downstream profits.  So it should be with your business coaching decision.

The $6,000 Practice in Action! program cost delivers financial benefits through increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and, in turn, surging profits.  Using modest assumptions, you can see from the Justification Model that Practice in Action! offers high profit potential.  Past program participants affirm these expected returns, topic by topic, equating to a 10X (i.e. ten times) return on the $6,000 investment.

As you know, a “ten bagger” ROI in the investment business is the gold standard.

Each and every dollar added after break even AUM (e.g. the first $600,000 in the Justification Model) is pure profit.  74% of Past Practice in Action! participants value each topic at more than $5,000 in business impact; with 12 topics in the program, that’s at least $60,000 year after year.