Expected Return

By surveying participants as a topic cycle closes, each topic’s expected business value is defined; this real-time evaluation holds each topic accountable as a contributor to the program’s overall dollar results.

Defining Value Topic by Topic

Instead of a survey that attempts a sweeping assessment at the end, we ask participants to evaluate each topic’s business value as the monthly topic cycle closes with implementation.  This approach  ensures that every topic is learned, implementation is realistic, and results are expected.

Survey results prove that participants highly value each Practice in Action! topic and the expected business value sum is ten times (10X) the program’s cost (i.e. a minimum expected value of $60,000/$6,000 program fee).  And, this value accrues to your business every year as pure profit.  That’s a top tier investment by any measure.

The potential for a 10X return the first year and pure profit every other year?  That’s an ROI that would make any investor exult.