Refund Option

Our ninety-day (90) refund option removes the risk you may feel today that Practice in Action! will not meet your particular business coaching needs after fully experiencing the first three topics.

Money back guarantee gold seal

Choosing a business coach is an important decision not just for the out-of-pocket cost, but also given the resulting commitment of your time and attention. Equally on point, with each Practice in Action! topic execution, your business’ marketing, sales, and service operations will transform.

Upon enrollment, we want fully informed participants such that the payments become a comfortable step. That is why we are fully transparent about the Practice in Action! topics, structure, and costs. However, we do understand, at this stage, that you may still have concerns that Practice in Action! may turn out not to meet your business coaching needs.

We offer a refund option after ninety (90) days.  Please note the following.

Upon enrollment, you’ll be assigned to an Action! Group. Your group will develop a common purpose and accountability to each other; effective groups require stability among its members.

Because of this, our refund comes with the conditions listed below. These conditions ensure that a refund request is clearly a result of a mismatch of your needs and Practice in Action!’s methodology . . . and not a failure to schedule, participate, or commit.

  • You completed the pre-program assessment.
  • You fully participated in each of the three topic cycle sessions.
  • You completed each topic’s exercises and worksheets.
  • You provided and received peer review feedback on your exercises and worksheets.
  • You completed the first three post-topic evaluations.
  • You agree to an exit interview.


In the end, we want to work with you and will endeavor to address your particular issues in the best possible way.